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Contemporary & Fusion Belly Dance Classes
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2019 Schedule & Registration – NOW OPEN


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Fundamentals (New/Beginner)

Sundays @ 6:00pm
10 weeks starting Sep 29, 2019 (no class Nov 10)
The Dance Centre @ 286 Torbay Road

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Study Sessions (Intermediate/Advanced)

Sundays @ 7:05pm
10 weeks starting Sep 29, 2019 (no class Nov 10)
The Dance Centre @ 286 Torbay Road

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Class Descriptions




A fun and light-hearted course that encompasses the fundamentals of belly dance movement, music and technique. It’s a great introduction into the world of belly dance that will give you the building blocks that will help you integrate into regular curriculum. Throughout the course you will learn;

  • what belly dance is and various styles
  • essential isolations of the chest and hips
  • undulations and shimmies
  • basic music theory as it relates to dance
  • short combinations each day

The instructor ensures the class is open and friendly, and that the environment is welcoming for dancers of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Levels 1-5

Weekly classes that expands movement vocabulary and refines technique. Each class will incorporate;

  • drilling isolations, shapes, and pathways
  • refining shimmies, foot patterns, and turns
  • distinguishing movement qualities
  • learning music theory as it relates to dance
  • studying Middle Eastern rhythms and their application in western dance

The addition of finger cymbals and props will be added at the discretion of the instructor, and as class interest/ability permits.

Instructor approval is necessary before advancing to higher levels. This ensures technical ability matches the requirements of the class.



Occasionally we’ll offer a short series or a workshop that focuses on one specific choreography.

We’ll break down the music, the counts, the steps, the arms, the moves. Then we’ll play with staging, explore nuances, and develop performance skills. No presentation, no pressure, no costuming.

Just dance.

American Tribal Style

ATS is a specific style of belly dance that uses a set vocabulary of movements and sequences in a leader/follower structure, as created by Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance.

We’ll breakdown steps of each family, drill the pathways. Then we’ll work with formations, and practise-practise-practise.

Just dance, in the flow.


We believe that every dancer is unique, with different abilities, learning styles, and motivations for dancing.  The ultimate goal of classes with Seraka Studios is to spark a passion for belly dance in whichever stylization you would like to embrace.   We want to help dancers not only understand the body and fundamental vocabulary and repertory, but to cultivate a deeper understanding of modern belly dance.  We wish to inspire creativity and to spark a desire to better yourself in dance, with an eagerness to push your own limits and reach your goals in dance – not ours.
In The Studio

In classes we strive to ensure our dancers have the most extensive belly dance experience possible.  We engage students with culture, history, and theory; we provide opportunities for creativity, choreography, and performance; we push our dancers in all aspects of their technique studies including musicality, isolations, fluidity, and conditioning. We build a community of learning, and this leads to well-rounded dancers.

During your studies you can supplement your learning with Specialty classes and Workshops. A dancer is not only a good technician, but also an artist with her own creative voice. Enrolling is a mixture of our belly dance studies will put you on the right track to becoming a well-rounded dancer.

New Dancers
If you’re brand new to belly dance, start with the Fundamentals series to learn the basics. From there, you can jump into the guided curriculum classes at Level 1 to hone your skills, continuing through the levels as your skill and technique improves.


Experienced Dancers
If you’ve taken belly dance with another instructor before, or in a different style of belly dance, or you’re feeling rusty, start with Level 1 Studies to work through the odds and ends, become familiar with vocabulary, and bridge the gap. If you’ve taken classes with Seraka Studios, you’re likely prepared for Level 2 Studies, or higher. If you have questions, please email us for advice.