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Studios & Class Locations

Our classes lead a nomadic lifestyle – we do not have our very own space. We have been able to partner with some great local studios, which means our classes are offered all throughout St. John’s and Mount Pearl.   Each session could be a at a new location! Be sure to check the description to see where your classes are held.  Here are some of our favourite spaces;


286 Torbay Road, St. John’s NL
In Coaker’s Meadow Plaza, behind Jungle Jims.

Majority of our Fall/Winter classes are held here.


16 Stavanger Drive, St. John’s NL
Just after McDonalds.

Majority of our Summer classes are held here.




What to Wear to Classes

exercise clothesExercise Clothes

You should wear form fitted clothing, something that you’re comfortable sweating in. Please do not wear jeans or “restrictive noisy” pants.  No need to show your belly, but some dancers find it helpful.

HipScarfHip Scarf

If you would like to wear a scarf tied at the hips it can be helpful to show movement. It is optional however.   You do not need to buy a coin belt or hip scarf to take part in the classes.


Bellydance is done barefoot, however if you wish to wear light dance slippers or Dance Paws you are welcome to do so.


It helps to keep the hair off the face and neck while dancing both for heat and for ‘nuisance’ control.




What to Bring to Classes

Water BottlesWater Bottle

Be sure to come to class well nourished and well hydrated. Bring along a water bottle to sip on during breaks. It gets sweaty and you’ll get thirsty!

red_notebookNotebook & Pen

It’s rough trying to remember what you learned in class… the next day. Bring something to jot drills or concepts in, doodle pictures and make notes.

zstnFinger Cymbals

For higher-level classes you’ll need a set of 4 finger cymbals. Size and metal of your choosing, with 2 slots for the elastics (not 1 hole).

Open Mind & Ready to Work

The class is “you time” so make it yours. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Bring an open mind, and leave the stress & dramas of your day at the door.


We recommend Saroyan Cymbals for all dancers:




What to Expect in Classes

  • Class will usually start on time. Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time to get changed and ready to dance. You can also use this time to complete your registration, and to meet your fellow dancers.
  • Class will begin with a gentle warmup to get you moving and ready to dance. Warming up is essential for safe participation, so if you arrive late then please take a few minutes get warmed up before joining the class.
  • In each class we will review previous material, and introduce new material.  Your class will be made up of a mixture of technique breakdowns, travelling or turns, combinations, concepts, and group discussions.
  • Your instructor may give you feedback or corrections during the class. This is done in an encouraging way and is intended to help you. Please consider applying the corrections given, so that you can improve as a dancer. Sometimes feedback and corrections are challenging to apply, but with focus and dedication, it will come.
  • Class will end with a cool down with some stretching, both to increase flexibility and for your to be calm and relaxed after your lesson.
  • Class is and will always be a non-competitive, positive, and encouraging environment.
  • All dancers are welcome, regardless of dance background, fitness or mobility levels, size or age.
  • Your instructor will provide alternatives for those with previous injuries or mobility restrictions. Belly dance has many variations, and there IS DEFINITELY a variation out there for you.
  • Classes currently have no age limit, however the teaching style is intended for adult participants. There is reference to anatomy, and repetitive movements which younger dancers may not be as engaged in. Some of the discussions may be a bit mature or out-of-range for younger dancers. Please email us if you have a wee-one wanting to learn.