Dancer, Choreographer (2011)




Mallory  began bellydance classes in 2007 with Andrea Kitta & Kristine Nolte. She joined the Neighbourhood Strays in 2009 and Seraka in 2010, continuing with both troupes until 2012 when she decided to focus solely on her contribution to Seraka. She augments her regular training with workshops and classes in modern, ATS, and tribal fusion bellydance.

Mallory is inspired by dancers such as Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio and Linda Bursey, and is currently concentrating her training on expression, solo choreography, and working with props. Her smooth and seamless movements, are strikingly graceful, and when combined with her calming expressions you can’t take your eyes away.


Big Spender, solo (2014)
Puttin’ On The Ritz, choreography (2014)


Get to Know Mallory
Why Belly Dance?

I think it best embodies my personality. I’m a little strange and so is belly dance. I’m a little mysterious and so is belly dance. I like to be free to walk the road less traveled and so does belly dance. It’s different and interesting and I felt like I belonged there.

Why Seraka Dance Co?

Seraka happened naturally for me. My best friends founded the troupe, they shared a similar vision for what I wanted my dancing to become, and the troupe has a clear trajectory of moving forward, continuing to grow, and challenging ourselves.

Caravanserai or Synthesis?

For me it’s Caravanserai. I find the themes for the show are always fun and the atmosphere is incredibly energetic. It just keeps getting more extravagant and fun each year. Love the fans that come out!

What’s one piece of advice you could give to a new dancer?

Be open-minded as you learn. Know that you will make mistakes and that is ok. Know that you are enough. Know that asking questions is a good thing and that they will help you grow. It’s ok to be wrong. It’s ok to mess up. Make the most of it and never stop learning.

What’s your favourite choreography?

My current love is for “Berlin.” It’s a good mixture of vulnerability and intensity that really looks and feels beautiful in juxtaposition.

Of any style, genre, or time period, who would you love to work with?

Heather Stants. I was floored by how much I learned in my first intensive with her. She also has the kind of attitude and presence that I think I would really enjoy working with.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Loyal, Loving, LOL

What’s a fun tidbit we might not know about you?

One summer in my youth I was part of a hot air balloon team that would inflate and deflate a 180 ft dragon named Oggy. We had to tie Oggy to a pick up truck to keep him from flying away. Oggy is from Nova Scotia and is a very magical site to behold.

It’s 10am on Saturday, where can we usually find you?

Probably in my PJ’s cooking an awesome breakfast and then watching Netflix while crafting or reading news articles on my laptop.