Dancer, Choreographer (2012)




Being trained musically in piano and drums, Melissa began belly dance lessons with The Neighbourhood Strays in 2007.  Moving on to learn at Wild Lily Dance Centre, taking workshops with Audra Simon & Heather Labonte of Lavish Dance, Elysium Tribal and Sarah Skinner; Melissa expands her knowledge of belly dance regularly.

Influenced by dancers like Rachel Brice, Audra Simmons & Zoe Jakes, Melissa strives to improve her expression and theatricality all while continuing to develop her current skill set. She packs in her arsenal fine tuned technique and an array of beautiful lines and poses, all packed with a loveable personality. Melissa officially joined Seraka in January 2012.


Milleu, solo (2014) – start at 2:35
Knuckles, choreography (2014)



Get to Know Melissa
Why Belly Dance?

(answers coming so soon!)

Why Seraka Dance Co?

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Caravanserai or Synthesis?

(answers coming so soon!)

What’s one piece of advice you could give to a new dancer?

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What’s your favourite music for belly dancing?

I find myself drawn to dance to many styles of music; mainly rock, classical, hip-hop, and electronic music. Recently though, I’ve been finding myself drawn to dance electronica remixes of my all-time favorite rock and hip-hop songs though.

Where do you find your creativity for making dances?

I find inspiration in contemporary dance. I find myself watching videos of people just practicing their routines online and I’m inspired to get up and improvise and choreograph. The fluidity in movement seen in contemporary style dance is something I aspire to have and constantly practice towards. I plan on eventually doing some training in contemporary style dance at some point.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Organized. Unpredictable. Creative.

What’s a fun tidbit we might not know about you?

I played drums in two bands in high school; in one band we even recorded a 3-song EP.

What’s your favourite food?

I definitely have a sweet tooth; kiwi, peaches, pears, and chocolate are my go-to snacks.