Dancer, Choreographer (2012)




After taking classes at Wild Lily Dance Centre for only 1 year, Susan quickly and gracefully adopted bellydance as a passion. Bellydance was Susan’s first experience with formal dance training and she’s been hooked ever since! She loves to continually learn and improve her dancing and has taken workshops with some amazing dancers including Samantha Emanuel, Mira Betz, Audra Simmons and Heather Labonte. Susan achieved Basic Black certification from The Dark Side Studio in the Fall of 2013.

Susan finds inspiration from dancers such as Rachel Brice, Samantha Emanuel & Zoe Jakes. She is currently focusing on improving her technique and experimenting with body lines and shapes in her choreography. Susan’s punctuated isolation and sheer strength are a welcome addition to the company. Susan officially joined Seraka in January 2012.

Death in Sin, solo (2014)
Horse Racing, choreography (2013)


Get to Know Susan
Why Belly Dance?

I belly dance because I love learning new ways to move my body and new ways to connect with people without using words.  It is so rewarding to drill, create, and present dance. I love it!

Why Seraka Dance Co?

I love being in Seraka because it gives me the opportunity to work and perform with amazing dancers. Every new choreography has something in it that challenges me. Each dancer has their own strengths so we are constantly learning from one another. I also love that I get so many chances to work on choreographies as a group and on my own. It’s great to be part of a group that will put in the time to learn your strange new choreography and support your weirdness throughout the whole process.

Caravanserai or Synthesis?

I want to pick both but I’m pretty sure that’s a cop-out. Argh! I think I have to go with Synthesis because it has a more artistic and community vibe. I love being able to create pieces that are more contemporary or over the top themed and present them to belly dance enthusiasts. Synthesis is an opportunity for me to challenge my limits and boundaries in front of an accepting and familiar audience.

What’s one piece of advice you could give to a new dancer?

(answers coming so soon!)

Where do you find your creativity for making dances?

I try to start with a story or feeling to convey.  If I don’t have that for a section of music I find the limitless possibilities too daunting.  Once I have an idea of what I’m trying to convey I find it much easier to choreograph or improvise meaningful dances, connecting with the audience much more effectively.

Your thoughts on costuming. Go!

Since I’ve started with Seraka Dance Company I’ve learned a lot about sewing, beads, metal and sequins! I’ve become addicted to the dance, the costumes and the props. I never thought I would spend so many hours sewing shiny things on to bras but I just cant’ stop! I’m always working on a new costume, whether it’s for troupe or just for me.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Silly. Thoughtful. Determined.

What’s a fun tidbit we might not know about you?

I cannot function when I’m hungry.  I turn into Suzilla (Susan + Godzilla) and I must be fed snacks to quell the beast before I can continue on with regular life.

What’s your favourite food?

That’s an easy one! Forever and always it will be movie theater popcorn!