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Call for Submissions (Synthesis 2015)

Call for Submissions (Synthesis 2015)

posted on November 12, 2014 by Vanessa
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Well now. It’s time for another show, don’t you think!? BUT in order to have a show, we need dancers, so here’s your official Call for Submissions.

Synthesis is a small, little artistic show that we produce each year, giving us all that chance to display our new creative and artistic sides, and offering an opportunity for new dancers to try their hips on the stage. We’re running into our 3rd Synthesis and we’d like to invite you to submit a piece for the show!

Synthesis: Contemporary

The show will be held on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at The Rocket Room (above Rocket Bakery). The show starts at 8:00pm and will run about 60-90 minutes, with a mixer to follow. This show is on a volunteer basis, and we will have video and photo available to all performers.

The idea for this show, as always, is that all pieces will be presented as a solo or a duet; no groups, no troupes, no schools, just you. We’re welcoming new and experienced dancers to put forward a piece or two. We encourage connecting with dancers outside of your regular group to make duet pieces, but you’re certainly welcome to pair up with someone you usually dance with as well.

The Rules

You can make your piece(s) as tribal, modern, fusion, or classical as you like, the only rules are:

  1. pieces must be belly dance,
  2. pieces must be danced by 2 people or less, and
  3. pieces must be 5 minutes long or less.

We hope that you’ll be inspired to embrace the theme for this show by arranging your piece(s) to a contemporary, modern, or lyrical style of music. Think about music with neo-classical influences, languid melodies, and soulful phrases; think about dances that embody concepts from western dances like those long lines, fluid arm and foot patterns, and new turns; think about beautiful, elegant, and heart-filled choreography (or improv!)

​The (entirely optional) Challenge!​

If the idea of contemporary belly dance isn’t much of a challenge for you, maybe you want to take the word “embrace” and run with that in whatever way you might so desire! It is nearing Valentines Day, after all. It’s also a time to “embrace” changes and new things, no?

If you’re interested in doing a piece for the show, please email us at to let us know by Sunday, November 30. For now we just need to know if you’re a yay or a nay, if you’re a solo or a duet, and if you’re planning on running with the theme. We hope you’re as excited by this as we are!