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Change to Winter Class Schedule

Change to Winter Class Schedule

posted on March 19, 2017 by Vanessa
in: Magpie's Nest, Seraka Studios

After discussing with the class(es). I’ve decided to amend the scheduled for the remainder of the winter session, effective today 19 March 2017.

  • Level 1 Studies – good to go as scheduled. No changes
  • Fundamentals – good to finish with our last class tonight.
  • Remaining Spotlight/Combo classes will be cancelled, so that instead of 10-weeks, it was only 5-weeks. This class will not be held tonight.
  • DrillZilla will be modified to a one-hour class from 7:15-8:15pm starting next week (26 Mar), open to Levels 1+.

An email will be sent to students who’ve paid up front for classes to discuss refunds & shifting payments.

If you’re in the market for finger cymbals allow me to suggest the following:

  1. “Arabesque” in brass by Saroyan (smaller, lighter, less expensive)
  2. “Small Grecian” in brass by Saroyan (smaller, lighter, less expensive)
  3. “Afghani” in brass, or silver, or bronze by Saroyan (medium size, slightly heavier, moderate price)
  4. “Ghawazee” in bronze by Saroyan (medium size, heavier, higher price)
  5. “Al Taj” in brass by Saroyan (huge, heavy, expensive, cymbal-of-my-dreams)