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Fall is a Time for Reflection & Growth

posted on December 3, 2012 by Vanessa
in: Performances, Travel

As the 2011-2012 dance season winds to an end, we’re taking a few minutes to think about everything that’s happened this year. We’ve revitalized our performances, created (count ’em) 12 full length choreographies plus 3 mini-choreography plus 5 new solos, we’ve collaborated with Bollywood Jig, The Forgotten Bouzouki, Simon Miminis and Evelyn Osbourne, we’ve hosted and produced our very first show “A Night at the Caravanserai” and we’ve designed 4 sets of costumes. As you can imagine, we’re thrilled with all that we’ve been able to give to you!

So to finish off this dance season we packed our bags and headed to Toronto to visit Audra and her home The Dark Side Dance Studio where we danced with the lovely Mira Betz, Heather Stants, and Samantha Emanuel at the Dark Harvest Gala, and had the insane opportunity to take 39 hours of workshop intensives with these 4 ladies. Our feet hurt, our hearts were over flowing and above all we were rejuvenated again and *so* inspired.

We’re taking a small amount of time to recuperate and refocus ourselves right now, but don’t you worry – we’ll be back on that stage faster than you can say “3/4 hips on the up, chasse, full time, en releve” …okay so that’s a bit of a mouthful, but you get it!