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We’re Busy Birdies

posted on August 6, 2012 by Susan
in: Performances

Hello Internets! This is my first entry to the magpie’s nest and, now that I think about it, my first blog entry ever!  Seraka has been very busy with a couple of exciting things so I thought I would give you an update.

Heather Labonte was in town this past week and we were honored to be able to perform at the intimate show she organized in St. John’s.  It was a fabulous event and we got to see Heather and a lot of amazing local bellydancers perform.  I had a wonderful time.  It’s so motivating to see the wide variety of styles of bellydance in St. John’s.  It’s quite remarkable.  The only down side was that our lovely member Karen is still out at sea and wasn’t able to be a part of the show.  We miss you Karen!!!

Heather also offered two workshops while she was in town and I was lucky enough to get a spot in both!  Wild Lily hosted the workshops so they were right in downtown St. John’s.  The first workshop focused on drilling and technique and the second one focused on adding lyrical elements into bellydance.  Both were fabulous and gave me a lot to think about.  Many notes were taken.  If you have any interest in bellydance I highly recommend checking out Heather’s performances and taking classes with her if possible.  She such a beautiful dancer and a great and approachable teacher too!

Our focus now is on the big show in September.  We have The Rockhouse on George Street booked for our show, “A Night at the Caravanserai”, on September 15th.  We’re creating all new choreographies for the show so we have a lot of work to do in the next several weeks.

If there’s one thing that manages to temporarily distract us from the show it’s that all five Serakans are going to Toronto in September for the Dark Harvest Festival!!!  I was the last one on the wagon to Lavish dance studio in TO but I officially have a ticket!  I’m beyond ecstatic!  I’m not able to take all of the workshops but I will be there for Samantha Emanual and Audra Simmons’ AND the Dark Harvest Gala show.  My heart rate is rising just thinking about it! (<That’s a lot of exclamation points but completely accurate.)

Phew!  That is quite a lot going on but we’re so happy when we’re busy dancing.  Keep an eye out for postings about past and future events.  We love sharing our dance with you.

Lots of Love,