Seraka Dance Company Proudly Presents

Synthesis: Winter Blues



the SPACE @ 72 Harbour Drive
Saturday, January 30, 2016
Doors open 7:15pm, Show starts 7:30pm.
Admission $15 – Buy Tickets!


Seraka Dance Company presents “Synthesis: Winter Blues” – an evening of non-traditional belly dance solos and duets. This 4th annual show plays with the idea of all things wintery and bluesy – dancers may embrace the music, the costuming, the expressive nature of the movements, or all (or none) of the above.


Performances By
Peggy Rauman, Andrea Roberts, Lisa Haynes, Meg Ryan, Ashley Hobbs, Amelia Hawkins, Elaine Dunphy, Mary Farrell, Lori Savory, Rebecca Bock, Sarah Carter, Samantha Carroll, Vanessa Elizabeth, Karen Erl & Susan Crocker.


Word About Synthesis

“Our 4th artistic show! In an attempt to get away from dreary middle of the darkest months, we’ve chosen the theme “Winter Blues” which dancers can interpret in any way they feel appropriate; jazz and blues music, BlueMan Group, winter, the colour blue, the word blue, Eiffel65, snowflakes, cold, blankets of white, or feeling blue.

As always, the show  aims to be a supportive atmosphere  for the dancers in the local community, a chance to show family, friends and dance supporters what they enjoy about belly dance, what they’re working on, or what they wants to express creatively. We see many opportunities for dancers to perform in groups, or with performance companies, but rarely do we get a chance to see a dancer perform a solo piece that is uniquely their own; not a piece that is catered to fill a request from a client, but a piece where they can be seen as an individual and not as a member of Troupe-X.  This is why we nix the mention of affiliations, and allow dancers from any troupe, school, or group to present a piece as an individual under their own name.

We’ve also encouraged collaboration with other dancers whom they  would not usually have the opportunity to work with. This could be a collective effort between two dancers from different troupes, a duet by two solo performers, or an opportunity for students to perform with their mentor or teacher. There are some extraordinary submissions and we cannot wait to share our ideas and pieces with you. “

– The Ladies of Seraka


Synthesis2016_FBPeek at the event on Facebook. Photo by J.Reid Studios.

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