Who Is Seraka Dance Company?

Composed of professional belly dance artists, Seraka Dance Company performs their signature style of contemporary and fusion belly dance in St. John’s NL. Formed in 2010, the group is known for combining their precise technical skill, creativity in movement, and elegant costuming to present a rich, unique experience of non-traditional world dance.

The name Seraka, (more properly spelled s’raka) is a Hungarian word meaning magpie; an intelligent & social bird known to gather bright, jewel-like found objects to decorate their nests. Much like this collector, Seraka is inspired to learn dance movements from a variety of sources to create their own unique interpretation of belly dance which respects and takes inspiration from the past. Seraka blends western dance concepts with repertoire from Tribal Fusion, Eastern European, American Tribal Style, and the oriental classics to create dynamic pieces.

Most notably, the group has performed at Dance on the Edge, at OvationsNL for Premier Kathy Dunderdale, at Mama Soula’s Restaurant with Greek band The Forgotten Bouzouki, and in Toronto at The Dark Harvest Gala with belly dance greats Mira Betz, Samantha Emanuel, Heather Stants & Audra Simmons.  The group also frequents events such as the 24 Hour Art Marathon, productions by The Island Belles, and various multi-cultural festivals throughout the year, also being featured on CBC’s evening news hour for their involvement with World Cup Soccer Weekend 2013. The group also produces two shows each year; “A Night at the Caravanserai” in Sep/Oct, and “Synthesis” in Jan/Feb.



Meet The Dancers

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Alumni Members: