A fantastic group of talent found in Seraka. You ladies are mesmerizingly beautiful, brilliant and “bhishon bhalo” (“very good” in Bengali). I love it! You are in for one great show when Seraka is around.

– Sanchita Chakraborty
Director, Bollywood Jig Dance Troupe


Oh-My-God- I LOVED it. That was seamless; you blew it out of the water! I got drawn back in and couldn’t look away. Come back again next year!

– Apryl Stead
Ray of Light Photography


I wanted to thank you again for such a great time!  I never would have guessed a belly dancer would have shown up to my party! I really enjoyed myself, you were a great teacher.  I still remember the routine and the girls want me to play the song at the wedding!

– Bride-to-Be,  St. John’s


I’m officially your biggest fan! I love your bouncy, fun style – you guys are so cute!!

– Monique Ryan
Director/Co-Owner, Serpentine Studios


I’ve seen a lot of bellydance in this town, and you guys are definitely the best – the real deal for sure

– Erika Wilansky
Instructor/Co-Owner, Mount Pearl School of Dance


You guys are awesome. You have this synchronicity that comes from deep within your muscle tissue. It was really intense and beautiful how synchronized you are.

– Krissy Holmes
St. John’s Morning Show, CBC Radio One


You guys are the real deal! I found that to be very authentic piece that spoke to me. It’s a very severe kind of dance, a very controlled kind of dance. It’s incredible how you can move your lower body independently, to make it look effortless, that’s something real. You’re absolutely beautiful to watch, it’s a pure joy.

– Shawn Silver