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A Refreshing Twist

posted on July 12, 2012 by Vanessa
in: In The Studio

We’ve been working on really diving deeper into what our style of dance is and what our creative side looks like. We’re exploring genres, expanding our movement base and really going head first into creating new pieces, and using new techniques and approaches to get to our finished (yet sometimes evolving) pieces.

We’re currently working on an inspired piece, Eden Roc.  It’s mostly my brain child, but the girls are remarkable to work with in developing the fine details of the choreography.  I really want the piece to describe complete and utter happiness, a sense of being overwhelmed by bliss. I want to be able to share the feeling you might have when you reminisce about the most happy moment in your life – be that a new love, a new life, a new experience, or a continuous sense of peace. It’s (going to be) a piece about being enthralled with all the joy that surrounds you. I sincerely hope that it comes through.

Karen’s ideas about staging and blocking are continuously adding too the piece, and the beauty that Susan, Melissa & Mallory put forward when we rehearse continues to inspire and re-inspire new movement.  It’s a new approach for us, using a continuous theme that’s so focused, but it’s like a breath of fresh air, creatively.  It’s so rewarding to be able to share that feeling not only with the girls, but hopefully with you (when you come to Heather Sara’s production here in St. John’s on August 4th!)

Thanks a bunch for reading. Hopefully that wasn’t too ‘hippy’ for you 🙂