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UNKNOWN Tickets On Sale Now

UNKNOWN Tickets On Sale Now

posted on November 3, 2017 by Vanessa
in: In The Studio, Performances

We are gearing up for another full-length performance. This year’s production happens Saturday, November 11 at DF Cook Recital Hall, MUN School of Music here in St. John’s, and features 17 dancers from the avalon area.

Reserve your tickets here:

This years show is exploring the idea of change, facing fears, challenging the norm, and growing in the face of the unknown. We’re using the concept of space (even aliens) as a loose basis and starting point for choreography development, and we’re working with the cast of dancers to meld and explore how each of us relates to, or reacts to, being challenged in that way – by external forces, unknown changes, “alien” circumstances to our lives.

It’s been a weird, wild, and downright thrilling ride as we’ve been working the pieces, refining the movement qualities, and staging these pieces. We’re so excited to share with you.