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Summer Classes Are Happening – Starting July 9

Summer Classes Are Happening – Starting July 9

posted on July 4, 2013 by Vanessa
in: Seraka Studios

I’m very pleased to announce that summer classes are up and running. Don’t let your hard work all year waste away to just a wiggle – get in the studio and work. Come dance with me! Laughter, hard work and sound effects are guaranteed. I’ve got weekly classes running in TECHNIQUE & CONDITIONING starting next week, as well as a new series on sinuous movement – MOLTEN.

To register for these classes, or to order your class passes, send me an email at with your name, telephone and address. We’ll go from there!


Technique & Conditioning are classes, not a series, so you are welcome to drop-in as you are able.  You can register through IMMERSION passes (unlimited T&C classes $175), SESSION passes (one class/week $100).  You could also pick up a 3 CLASS PASS ($40) or a 7 CLASS PASS ($60) for drop-ins, good for any T&C class this summer. Day drop-ins for $15.