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Summer Classes – Schedule Changes

posted on July 10, 2015 by Vanessa
in: Seraka Studios

Due to this year’s July and August being warm and summer-like, registration numbers are low for a number of classes in the summer schedule.  Sadly, this means some classes will be cancelled, including the following four:

  • Technique L1 (Tuesdays @ 7:45-8:45pm)
  • Technique L2 (Wednesdays @ 6:30-7:30pm)
  • Stagecraft (Wednesdays @ 7:45-8:45pm)
  • Fundamentals (Wednesdays @ 7:45-8:45pm)

We are still taking registrations for VEILS (Tue Aug 18 & Tue Aug 25 @ 7:45-8:45pm) and for FUNDAMENTALS (Tuesdays @ 6:30-7:30pm)

If there is enough interest in occasional workshops, they will be scheduled as requested.  If you have an idea for a class or workshop you’d like to take, we welcome you to contact us with your ideas and belly dance cravings.