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Synthesis Volunteer Call

Synthesis Volunteer Call

posted on June 12, 2013 by Vanessa
in: Events, Opportunities

Ladies & Gentlemen! We’re looking for some volunteers to help out at our upcoming Synthesis show on Sat. June 22 (6-9pm):

  1. Tickets & Merchandise
    • taking tickets at the door
    • selling tickets at the door
    • selling t-shirt and tank tops during intermission
  2. Silent MC
    • also known as our Sign Girl (like in boxing, but cuter)
    • walk across the stage before each number, holding a board with the performer’s name and piece title
    • bonus if you have neat printing
    • double bonus if you want to wear a costume
  3. Music/Video Guru
    • press play… on both our iPod and our Camera.
    • press pause… press play… press pause…
    • …you get the idea.

Interested? Know a friend? Just want a free ticket and you don’t mind helping out to get one? Send an email to